Urban Legends 254 (UL254) is a sports centered program for social change and conflict transformation through youth talent recognition and equipping. It is also the Kenyan chapter of a model borrowed from Sri Lanka on using sports for social change.The global brand is Urban Legends.We target young people between the ages of 10 – 25 years.

Our program approach rests on utilization the popularity and love of sports among young people as a platform to transfer values and attitudes based on respect for life and nonviolent social interactions.The program is centered on convening sports centered festive events that provide an inclusive environment that enables youth transcend structural challenges such as tribalism and violent extremism for peaceful coexistence.

The athletes and coaches engaged are also equipped through sports psychology sessions under the Urban Legends Plus activities.


Urban Legends 254 Festival (Street foot ball tournament and Peace Concert)and Urban Legends Plus


Promote cohesion and unity in Kenya by using sports to nurture cultures of peace