The KIOTA program is a grassroots initiative meant to encourage youth civic responsibility and leadership development among young people in vulnerable communities. The key idea is to inspire children to grow as change and peace agents as well as solutions to problems in their communities. We target children aged 10-14 years in primary schools.The approach is to initially raise the awareness of young people to the context and dynamics in their community through change talks. These talks prompt young people to think further on how to individually contribute to change in their community.

The program focuses on formation of school led change makers clubs that enable pupils keen on exploring their role and ideas of change making to interact and grow their ideas.

In these clubs the game of chess is taught to the children and continuously used to mentor them and nurture critical thinking, problem solving and decision-making skills.

These sessions and activities are carried out during the first and second term of the year.

This project is being run in partnership with Lepta Community, one of our partner organizations.

Themes covered:

Youth Peace Building, Social Transformation, Uongozi, Jipange and Jijue.


Equip and empower the younger generation to engage in their communities as change and peace agents as they develop solutions to the problems their communities face.