F4C seeks to nurture future African leadership by shaping the minds of young leaders in school, out of school and in society. Change Leaders is a program envisioned to develop civic leadership (informed, accountable and service oriented) for people-centered development and peace building. Our target beneficiaries are youth between the 18 – 25 years.

Our approach is to raise the awareness of young people on the challenges posed by social vices in our nations and empower youth to take lead in providing solutions that are people-centered, inclusive and innovative whilst engaging to better the lives and welfare of people in their communities.

We also work to develop capacity building platforms to enable youth engage in decision making and peace building processes.


Future (Pan-African University League for Students and Civic Leaders) and Youth for Peace (Armor and 2250 Policy Engagement).


Empower youth to be civic leaders and agents of social transformation and peace building in their communities.