Berta Comics is an animation oriented advocacy program meant to encourage social
justice action. Our program approach is to raise awareness on structural challenges in our societies through comic books to inspire accountable community engagement and social transformation.
The program also focuses on equipping and nurturing creative talent to increase innovative content on social justice issues. We target young people between 10 – 25 years.
The idea of a comic book was developed as a strategy to instill a hero (hero syndrome) in the society who translated the organization’s vision,
mission and values into action. Children from an early age can identify with the hero in terms of what he stands for, believes and fights for which all are based on the organization’s goals. This will aid the organization communicate its message in a creative and fun way.
The introduction of a hero figure in a society helps shape and influences the choices that young people make. A hero symbolizes morality and with Alednam children will be able to emulate the hero and his behavior that is peaceful and uniting in nature.
Alednam is the first comic book under this project and it introduces the narrative of an
African warrior fighting for equity, accountability and peaceful cultures in a society that
has been devastated by violence, injustice and corruption. The comic book was launched in November 2016.

Initiatives: Alednam, Comics in Action, Berta Comics – Extended

Goal: Inspire and equip justice and reconciliation narratives through animation content